Our Playgroup History

The first Playgroup in the Runcorn area was formed in 1962 in a private house.

Due to the popularity and numbers in the group, they were forced to find larger premises and the Playgroup moved to St Johns Church Hall in Victoria Road.

After further growth a second Playgroup was formed which took residence in Vicarage Lodge in 1967.


The Playgroup rented the Lodge from the Church of England up until 1989.

During 1989, the Playgroup was threatened with closure due to the development of the surrounding area.

To prevent this closure, and the demolition of the building, the Playgroup would have to become responsible for it, which at the time was in a serious state of disrepair.

For this to become possible the playgroup became a community association by adopting the PPA constitution and also by registering with the Charity Commission.


Six trustees were appointed, these represented appropriate sectors of the local community and an agreement on a 99 year lease was entered into.

The Playgroup now has a management committee consisting of elected parents and supplemented by interested members of the community, who deal with all aspects of the building.

The committee had a number of tasks to carry out.

The major one being to secure finance for a program of major refurbishment which began with the erection of a new toilet block, cloakroom, porch/storeroom, roof, floor and lastly a new kitchen and store area.

In 2015, thanks to the fundraising efforts of families and friends of Vicarage Lodge and funding from Awards For All and Halton Borough Council the preschool was able to complete the renewal of the whole roof.

The main building is a large room where all play activities are carried out.

It is a bright, airy room with plenty of children’s work displayed.





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